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22 Apr: Atletico Madrid 0-0 Chelsea: Match Reaction;     19 Apr: Chelsea 1-2 Sunderland: Match Reaction;     13 Apr: Swansea City 0-1 Chelsea: Match Reaction;     8 Apr: Chelsea 2-0 Paris Saint-Germain: Match Reaction; 5 Apr: Chelsea 3-0 Stoke City: Match Reaction;     2 Apr: Paris Saint-Germain 3-1 Chelsea: Match Reaction.


29 Mar: Crystal Palace 1-0 Chelsea: Match Reaction;     22 Mar: Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal: Match Reaction;     18 Mar: Chelsea 2-0 Galatasaray: Match Reaction;     15 Mar: Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea: Match Reaction;     8 Mar: Chelsea 4-0 Tottenham Hotspur: Match Reaction;     1 March: Fulham 1-3 Chelsea: Match Reaction.


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26 Jan: Chelsea 1-0 Stoke City: Match Reaction;     22 Jan: Analysing Juan Mata’s Chelsea departure;     19 Jan: Chelsea 3-1 Manchester United: Match Reaction;     11 Jan: Hull City 0-2 Chelsea: Match Reaction;     5 Jan: Derby County 0-2 Chelsea: Match Reaction;     1 Jan: Southampton 0-3 Chelsea: Match Reaction.


26 Dec: Chelsea 1-0 Swansea City: in pictures;     22 Dec: Chelsea’s 2013/2014 Season: Half-Term Report.


8 Nov: Chelsea vs. West Brom Preview.


27 Oct: Mourinho’s Influence Finally Coming Through.


17 Sep: Comparing Chelsea 2013 With Chelsea 2005;     13 Sep: Why The Purchase Of Samuel Eto’o Is A Smart Move;     3 Sep: Assessing Chelsea’s Summer Recruits.


31 Aug: What We Learnt From Mourinho’s First Month Back;     21 Aug: Chelsea 2-1 Aston Villa: key stats;     18 Aug: Chelsea 2-0 Hull City: in pictures.

July (Pre-Season)

11 Aug: Pre-Season Friendlies;     5 June: What to expect from Mourinho’s first season back;     3 June: Mourinho’s return will bring tears to everyone.


2012/2013 SEASON

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2011/2012 SEASON

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