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To find out more about me, I spoke to, outlining more about me and the match and remainder of the 2015/16 season with Hiddink. Here are my thoughts:

Hello Martin, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an avid football follower and in my spare time run The Chelsea Chronicle, which provides match reports and analyses after every Chelsea game.

How did The Chelsea Chronicle start?

A few years ago actually – I always knew I would watch the matches so why not do something productive with it and hone my writing and reporting skills by writing up what I saw? It started very much as a way for me to communicate my thoughts on the match and is more a blog for the Chelsea community than a commercial website, but for my work to be featured on the likes of Bleacher Report and NewsNow is nice.

What’s your role there?

I run it! The whole thing; articles, visuals, everything. It’s very all-encompassing!

How is The Chelsea Chronicle different from other blogs?

My unique selling points are that it is very visually attractive compared to some proper websites, which almost display too much with too many tabs. There’s nothing complicated about my site: a homepage and links with articles which are up very soon after every match.

What are some challenges you face?

How to write impartially when Chelsea lose! I do not call myself an impartial blog – in fact I make it clear every post is blue-tinted – but when Chelsea lose you still need to write with that level of professionalism rather than wanting to slate every bad player.

Let’s talk about football. In your opinion, who has a greater chance of winning English Premier League this season?

I think the beauty of this season is that it has been so unpredictable! However much I wish them well I cannot see Leicester winning the title but it would be ludicrous if they think only getting the Champions League is a disappointment – they have had a remarkable season. I still fancy Manchester City as the big heavyweight to pull themselves together, as I reckon Arsenal and Tottenham will capitulate.

How far do you think Chelsea will advance in this Premier League season?

Chelsea stand 8 points off 5th-placed Manchester United with 12 games to go. Currently sitting at 12th, to make up 8 points net on each of the 7 clubs above them when there are just 36 points to play for is a tough ask, but if Chelsea go out to PSG in the Champions League and Manchester City in the FA Cup, then with nothing to play for but the Premier League they need to go all out, whereas other clubs above might still have a few distractions or fade in quality.

Do you think the current situation will get better with the upcoming transfers?

There has not been any concrete news yet on transfers, but the biggest incoming transfer Chelsea will make this summer will surely be in the managerial position. Conte probably gets my vote ahead of Simeone and Allegri but you would be hard-pressed to find a better manager than Mourinho technically. As for playing staff, there are rumours of a squad overhaul, but isn’t there always?

Who is the greatest Chelsea player of all times?

One has to point first to Didier Drogba, who embodied what it was to not only play for Chelsea but also to play football. He thrived on the big stage and represented Chelsea with grace, and is evidently a top-class bloke both on and off the field.


Post written by Martin Li. Martin has had five years’ blogging experience, writing for the likes of Bleacher Report and SWOL. He runs his own Chelsea blog — The Chelsea Chronicle — which has match reaction and analysis from every Chelsea match. You can follow him on Twitter.


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